Balanced Performance

The Balanced performance level provides a good balance between performance and cost savings for most workloads, including those that perform random I/O such as boot volumes. This option provides linear peformance scaling with 60 IOPS/GB up to 25,000 IOPS per volume. Throughput scales at 480 KB/s/GB up to a maximum of 480 MB/s per volume.

Block Volume Performance slider specifying balanced performance.

See Performance Details for Instance Shapes for performance characteristics and instance details for Compute shapes.

Volume Size and Performance

The following table lists the Block Volume service's throughput and IOPS performance numbers based on volume size for this option. IOPS and KB/s performance scales linearly per GB volume size up to the service maximums so you can predictably calculate the performance numbers for a specific volume size. If you're trying to achieve certain performance targets for volumes configured to use the Balanced performance level you can provision a minimum volume size using this table as a reference.

Volume Size

Max Throughput

(1 MB block size)

Max Throughput

(8 KB block size)


(4 KB block size)

50 GB 24 MB/s 24 MB/s 3000
100 GB 48 MB/s 48 MB/s 6000
200 GB 96 MB/s 96 MB/s 12,000
300 GB 144 MB/s 144 MB/s 18,000
400 GB 192 MB/s 192 MB/s 24,000
500 GB 240 MB/s 200 MB/s 25,000
750 GB 360 MB/s 200 MB/s 25,000
1 TB - 32 TB 480 MB/s 200 MB/s 25,000