Changing the Shape of an Instance on a Dedicated Virtual Machine Host

Change the shape of instances on a dedicated virtual machine host.

  • You can change the shape of an instance on a dedicated virtual machine host using the following steps.

    1. Open the navigation menu.
    2. Click Compute.
    3. Under Compute, click Dedicated Virtual Machine Hosts.
    4. Go to the Details page for the dedicated virtual machine host.
    5. Under Resources, click Hosted Instances. Perform this step for each compartment in your tenancy that has instances running on the dedicated virtual machine host. To change the compartment for the Hosted Instances list, select a different compartment from the Table Scope list.
    6. Click the Action Menu for the hosted instance you want to change.
    7. Select View instance details from the menu. The instance details are displayed.
    8. From the menu, click More Actions.
    9. Select Edit from the menu. The Edit instance dialog is displayed.
    10. Click Edit Shape. The Shape summary dialog is displayed.
    11. From the Shape summary select and change the options as needed. Options include:
      • Shape series
      • Shape name
      • Number of OCPUs
      • Amount of memory

      Only shapes that support dedicated version machine host are displayed.
    12. After making your shape selections, click Save changes.

      For Dense I/O shapes, select the I understand that local storage will be deleted box to confirm local storage is deleted and cannot be recovered when the change is made.
    13. Click Reboot instance to start the shape change process.
  • Use the instance update command and required parameters to update an instance.

    oci compute instance update --instance-id <ocid1> --dedicated-vm-host-id <ocid1> --fault-domain FAULT-DOMAIN-# --from-json <file://path/to/file.json>

    file://path/to/file.json is the path to a JSON file that defines the instance details. For information about how to generate an example of the JSON file, see Advanced JSON Options.

    For a complete list of flags and variable options for the Compute Service CLI commands, see the Compute command line reference.

  • Use the UpdateInstance operation to update an instance.