Backing Up Snapshots to Object Storage Using rclone

You might want to back up your File Storage snapshots in another location, such as Object Storage.

You can follow this process to use the rclone utility to back up snapshots.

  1. Install rclone using the instructions for your operating system at
  2. Create a ~/.rclone.conf configuration file containing this information:

type = s3
provider = Other
env_auth = false

    access_key_id = <access_key_of_customer_secret_key>

    secret_access_key = <key_generated_when_creating_the_customer_secret_key>
endpoint = <object_namespace>.compat.objectstorage.<region>

    Refer to Working with Customer Secret Keys for details on obtaining a Customer Secret key.
  3. Verify that rclone can access Object Storage:

    $rclone ls -vv myobjectstorage:/<some_existing_bucket>
  4. Create a snapshot, if necessary:

    $sudo mkdir <fss_mount_point>/.snapshot/<snapshot_name>
  5. Use the copy, copyto, or sync option to copy the snapshot to Object Storage:

    $rclone copy --progress --metadata --copy-links <fss_mount_point>/.snapshot/<snapshot_name> myobjectstorage:/<oci_object_source_bucket>/<snapshot_name>/

    Any File Storage directory path can be used as the source for the rclone command.

    Refer to the rclone documentation for complete command usage and options.