Deleting a Free Tier Tenancy and Cloud Account

You can request to delete a Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Free Tier tenancy and cloud account from the Console's Tenancy Details page.


Deleting a tenancy permanently deletes the tenancy and the associated cloud account, and all its resources. Tenancy and cloud account deletion are irreversible and can't be undone. Only an OCI administrator account in the tenancy can begin the deletion process. In addition, tenancy deletion is a separate function compared to deleting a compartment. See Understanding Compartments for more information.

To delete a Free Tier tenancy and account:

  1. While signed in to the Console as an OCI administrator, open the Tenancy Details page at On the Tenancy Details page, the Request tenancy deletion button is available. You must be signed in as an OCI administrator to see the Request tenancy deletion button.

    Also see Managing the Tenancy for more information on tenancy details in the Console.

  2. Click Request tenancy deletion. A Request tenancy deletion confirmation is displayed.
  3. Confirm deletion in Enter the tenancy name to confirm deletion by entering the name of the tenancy to delete.
  4. Click Request tenancy deletion.
  5. You receive an email when the deletion request has completed.

Tenancy deletion isn't immediate and can take some time. Deleting the tenancy suspends all resources, and after 30 days, the tenancy is permanently deleted. After the tenancy is permanently deleted, neither you nor and any other users can sign in to the deleted tenancy.