Managing Platform Services Regions

This topic describes how to manage Platform Services region subscriptions.

About the Platform Services Regions

You can manage Platform Services regions in the Console.

To use Platform Services that are not natively integrated with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you need to subscribe to the Platform Services region as well as the Infrastructure region. For example, to create a Platform Service instance in the Germany Central (Frankfurt) region, you need to subscribe your tenancy to both the Infrastructure region: Germany Central (Frankfurt) and to the Platform Service region: Europe and Middle East.

To know which services require the Platform Service region subscription, in the Console, open the navigation menu and click OCI Classic Services. The list of services that require region subscriptions appears in the menu.

Before you can view these services in the Console or access the Manage Platform Services Regions page, your tenancy must have entitlements to use the Platform Services.

Managing Platform Services Regions

To view and subscribe to Platform Services regions

  1. Open the Console, open the Region menu, and then click Manage Regions.
  2. On the Manage Regions page, click Platform Services Regions.

    The list of geographical regions is displayed. Regions that you have not subscribed to provide a button to create a subscription.

  3. To subscribe to a region, locate the region in the list and click Subscribe.

    It might take several minutes to activate your tenancy in the new region.