Canceling a Vault Deletion

Cancel the deletion of a vault.

    1. Open the navigation menu, click Identity & Security, and then click Vault.
    2. Under List scope, select a compartment that contains the vault.
    3. On the Vaults page, click the name of the vault to open its details page.
    4. Click Cancel Deletion.
    5. To confirm, click Cancel Deletion.
  • Run the CancelVaultDeletion operation using the KMSVAULT API endpoint.


    Each region use the KMSVAULT API endpoint for create, update, and list operations for vault. This endpoint is referred to as the control plane URL or vault management endpoint. Each region also has a unique endpoint for operations related to retrieving vault details. This endpoint is known as the data plane URL or the secret retrieval endpoint. For regional endpoints, see the API Documentation.

    For information about using the API and signing requests, see REST API documentation and Security Credentials. For information about SDKs, see SDKs and the CLI.

  • Open a command prompt and run oci kms management vault cancel-deletion to cancel the pending deletion of a vault:

    oci kms management vault cancel-deletion --vault-id <target_vault_id>

    For example:

    oci kms management vault cancel-deletion --vault-id ocid1.vault.region1.sea.exampleaaacu2.examplesrcvbtqe5wgrxn2jua3olmeausn5fauxseubwu5my5tf3w3	

    For a complete list of parameters and values for CLI commands, see KMS CLI Command Reference.