Block Volumes for Roving Edge Infrastructure

Describes how to manage block volume tasks, including creating, updating, and deleting block volumes, on your Roving Edge Infrastructure devices.

You can perform the following block volume tasks:

The Block Volume service does not reserve storage space for block volumes and boot volumes in advance. Instead, storage space is consumed when the data is written to the block volume. For example, if a 100 GB block volume is created, it does not mean that 100 GB is reserved from the total available storage space for this block volume. The storage space remains available to all services and can be exhausted before the 100 GB volume is filled with data.

Also, the Block Volume service does not validate the specified size of a created block volume against the available storage space. This lack of validation can lead to oversubscription when the total size of created volumes exceeds the storage space available on the device. Do not rely on block volume sizes to calculate storage space utilization. Instead, follow the information about storage space usage displayed in the Device Console's Monitoring page.

See Overview of Block Volume in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure documentation for more information on this service.