Roving Edge Infrastructure Ultra Nodes

Describes how to manage your Roving Edge Ultra node requests in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, including creating, updating, and deleting them.

Roving Edge Ultra is a single, battery-powered RED capable of being carried by an individual. This product provides a highly-portable and rugged edge computing device you can use in indoor and outdoor environments. Roving Edge Ultra requires minimal protection from the elements, and is able to operate without consistent access to power. The device has less storage and computing capabilities than a traditional RED. Using Roving Edge Ultra provides you a level of portability and flexibility to use Roving Edge Infrastructure features and functionality not otherwise possible using traditional REDs.

Order a Roving Edge Ultra in OCI by accessing the Roving Edge Infrastructure service and creating a Roving Edge Ultra node. Roving Edge Ultra nodes are similar to Roving Edge Device (RED) nodes except that the shapes are different. When you create the Roving Edge Ultra, you indicate the type of shape. The shape value you specify determines whether you are ordering a Roving Edge Ultra device or a RED.

An Roving Edge Ultra node includes the following:

  • User-defined Roving Edge Ultra node name

  • Shipping information (delivery to customer site or pickup from Oracle facility)

  • Customer contact information

  • Customer site address

  • The predefined shape used for Roving Edge Ultra nodes.

  • One or more selected workloads, consisting of object storage, and compute instances residing on your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy. That content is preloaded onto the node and then made available to you by the delivery method you specify.

You can perform the following Roving Edge Ultra node management tasks: