Running CLIs on Device-Hosted Compute Instances

Follow these guidelines for running CLIs on compute instances hosted by Roving Edge Infrastructure devices.


The instructions in this topic are for Oracle Linux host computers.

  • Have the VM go through the following local IP:

  • Have the VM refer to the Roving Edge Infrastructure device as otec-console-local.

  • Employ the following IP Tables rules:

    { for i in 19060 8019 12050 21060 22060 23060 22060 12060;do iptables -I 
    BareMetalInstanceServices -d -p tcp -m tcp --dport $i -m 
    comment --comment "Rover service access port" -j ACCEPT;done }

    See Service Ports for a list of available ports.

Unsupported CLI Commands

The following CLI commands are currently not supported. Workarounds are provided where available.

  • Object Storage CLIs: oci os list

    You can only use the oci os list command when you include the --fields option. For example:

    # oci os object list --bucket-name generic-image --fields name,size,timeCreated,md5,etag
    "data": [
    "archival-state": null,
    "etag": "b2c123ff0f1231c4c7f41ff92294e4a0-32",
    "md5": "ssYx/w8SUcTH9B/5IpTkoA==-32",
    "name": "exported-image",
    "size": 2132357120,
    "storage-tier": null,
    "time-created": "2022-03-01T19:50:03.076000+00:00",
    "time-modified": null
    },    {
          "archival-state": null,
          "etag": "fe5e3c12e12e31de65b86722a6fe29e7-32",
          "md5": "/l48AOleMd5luGcipv4p5w==-32",
          "name": "imported-image-20210830-1542_ocid1.image.oc1.iad..uniqueID.oci",
          "size": 2132224000,
          "storage-tier": null,
          "time-created": "2022-03-01T19:50:59.968000+00:00",
          "time-modified": null
      "prefixes": []
  • Compute CLIs: oci compute instance list-vnics

    The oci compute instance list-vnics command lists the VNICs that are attached to the specified instance and is often used to get the public IP for a compute node. This CLI is not currently supported in Roving Edge Infrastructure. You can get VNIC information, including IP address associated with a VNIC attached to a compute node, using any of the following methods:

    • Device Console: Go to the following location:

      Compute > Instances > Instance Details > Attached VNICs

      The IP addresses for the VNICs are listed in the dialog box that appears.

    • CLI: oci compute instance list-vnics

      First, run the following command to list all the VNIC's attachments:

      oci compute vnic-attachment list --instance-id <> --all

      Next, run the following command for the specific VNIC for which you want to get details:

      oci network vnic get --vnic-id <>

      The following example shows these two commands run together with their respective returns:

      # oci compute vnic-attachment list --instance-id ocid1.instance.orei.orei-1..uniqueID --all
        "data": [
            "availability-domain": "orei-1-ad-1",
            "compartment-id": "ocid1.tenancy.orei..uniqueID",
            "display-name": null,
            "id": "ocid1.vnicattachment.orei.orei-1..uniqueID",
            "instance-id": "ocid1.instance.orei.orei-1..uniqueID",
            "lifecycle-state": "ATTACHED",
            "nic-index": 0,
            "subnet-id": "ocid1.subnet.orei.orei-1..uniqueID",
            "time-created": "2022-03-01T21:07:00.937000+00:00",
            "vlan-id": null,
            "vlan-tag": 1,
            "vnic-id": "ocid1.vnic.orei.orei-1..uniqueID"
      # oci network vnic get --vnic-id ocid1.vnic.orei.orei-1..uniqueID
        "data": {
          "availability-domain": "orei-1-ad-1",
          "compartment-id": "ocid1.tenancy.orei..uniqueID",
          "defined-tags": {},
          "display-name": "test-instance",
          "freeform-tags": {},
          "hostname-label": "test-instance",
          "id": "ocid1.vnic.orei.orei-1..uniqueID",
          "is-primary": true,
          "lifecycle-state": "AVAILABLE",
          "mac-address": "02:00:17:00:04:00",
          "nsg-ids": [],
          "private-ip": "",
          "public-ip": "",
          "skip-source-dest-check": false,
          "subnet-id": "ocid1.subnet.orei.orei-1..",
          "time-created": "2022-03-01T21:07:00.155000+00:00",
          "vlan-id": null
        "etag": "2c082d1c"

      If only one VNIC is attached, you can combine these CLI commands with other Linux tools to limit the output to just the public IP address using the following command:

      oci compute vnic-attachment list --instance-id <> --all|grep -m 1 vnic-id|awk -F'"' '{print $4}'|xargs -I{} oci network vnic get --vnic-id {}|grep public-ip|awk -F'"' '{print $4}'

      For example:

      # oci compute vnic-attachment list --instance-id ocid1.instance.orei.orei-1..uniqueID --all|grep -m 1 vnic-id|awk -F'"' '{print $4}'|xargs -I{} oci network vnic get --vnic-id {}|grep public-ip|awk -F'"' '{print $4}'