Logging In to the Storage Gateway Management Console

Access and log into the Storage Gateway management console.

Use the Storage Gateway management console to create, manage, and monitor file systems.

Storage Gateway provides the URL to access the management console after a successful installation. When you access the management console for the first time, a wizard prompts you to create the administrator credentials and your first file system.


Storage Gateway uses a self-signed certificate for the HTTPS connection. Your browser might warn that the SSL certificate couldn’t be verified. If you entered the correct IP address of the Storage Gateway instance, you can safely ignore this warning. The steps to ignore this warning and go to the management console vary depending on the browser you use.

To log in to the management console:

  1. Enter one of the following URLs in a supported web browser:

    • If you installed the software on an on-premises host, enter the URL provided at the end of the Storage Gateway installation script:


      For example:


    If you cannot access Storage Gateway using the hostname, contact your network administrator. Depending on your network configuration, your Storage Gateway hostname might need to be added to DNS or you might need to use an IP address rather than the hostname.
    • If you installed the software in an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure compute instance, enter the URL as follows:


      For example:

    The console log-in page appears. The page prompts you to set and confirm a password for the Storage Gateway admin user.

  2. Enter a password that meets the following requirements:

    • From 8 to 32 characters.
    • At least one special character, one numerical character, one uppercase character, and one lowercase character.