Getting Support for Questions

At Oracle Cloud Marketplace, the customer comes first. We want to make your online shopping experience as pleasant and enjoyable as possible. Never hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about Oracle Cloud, our cloud products, or our registered and approved providers.

  1. Online chat: To start an online chat with an Oracle Support representative, click Chat Now Chat now icon located on any marketplace page. If a representative isn’t available, be sure to enter your questions. We’ll get back to you with answers.
  2. Phone, experts, feedback, and forums: If you prefer to talk with us on the phone, get professional advice from support, provide feedback, or peruse the forums, then click Contact Us Contact us icon located on any Oracle Cloud Marketplace page. You can:
    • Call Oracle Direct at the specified toll-free number or click Global Contacts to look up contact information for Oracle offices around the world.

    • Link to the My Oracle Support website, sign in, and get help from the experts in Oracle Technical Support.

    • Use the feedback form to send us comments about Oracle Cloud Marketplace, let us know what apps and services you need, and tell us how we can improve your marketplace experience.

    • Link to the discussion forums where you can post a message, start a new thread, or search the current discussions for answers. Oracle product managers, support, development, and operations team members respond to threads on the forum.

    • Start an online chat with an Oracle Support representative. This option is the same as clicking Chat Now Chat now icon.
  3. Online help, documentation, and videos: To view the online help, print the user documentation, or watch introductory videos, click Resources at the top of the page.
  4. My Oracle Support: To raise a support request with issues specific to Oracle Cloud Marketplace, contact My Oracle Support.
    1. Go to
    2. In the Sign In pane, select Cloud Support as the portal, and then click Sign In.
    3. On the Dashboard page, click Create Technical Service Request.

      The Create Service Request wizard appears.

    4. In the Where is the Problem? section, click the Cloud tab.
    5. In the Service Type field, select Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.
    6. In the Choose Problem Type drop-down list, select 30. Marketplace and then select a sub-category.
    7. Follow the prompts in the wizard to complete the service request.