Getting an App

After you’ve found an app you like, you can easily get it from Oracle Cloud Marketplace. Whether the app is available for immediate download or whether you work directly with the app provider, one click and you’ll be on your way to getting the app you want.

To get an app from Oracle Cloud Marketplace:

  1. Sign in to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace website.
  2. Click the APPLICATIONS tab.
  3. Use the browse by product, search by keyword, and filter options to find the app you want.
  4. Click the app name to open the details page.
  5. Review the information on the OVERVIEW tab, the RATINGS tab, and the PROVIDER tab to evaluate whether the app fits your needs.
  6. Partners can choose how they deliver the apps to you, click Get App or Download.
    • Get App:

      Some apps require you to work directly with the provider. For these apps, the app provider contacts and work with you to fulfill your request.

      Some apps are available for immediate download and installation. For these apps, an installation wizard guides you through the install process.


      For Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) install packages, after you click Get App, if you have an OCI account, select an OCI region, click Launch Image or Create Stack, and login with your credentials. The OCI Console is displayed, where you can deploy this app.

      If you do not have an OCI account, click Sign Up to submit your OCI account request. Once your request is processed, you will be provisioned a tenancy in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure and Oracle will send you a welcome email with instructions for signing in to the OCI Console for the first time.

      If you have questions, contact My Oracle Support. See Getting Support for Questions

    • Download:

      Some apps are available for immediate download and installation to your local computer. For these apps, a dialog box guides you to save the app file.

      Some apps require you to download the app from a URL. For these apps, you are directed to a URL where there is more information on downloading the app.

  7. Be sure to check your email for additional information and instructions sent from Oracle Cloud Marketplace and the app provider.