Reading and Writing Reviews

Product reviews promote a healthy exchange of information between you, other customers, and the providers. You can use the shared opinions to help you determine the value of an app or a service for your business or organization. Providers use the feedback to learn how their product is received, what works and what doesn’t, and where to make improvements.

To read the current reviews or write your own review for an app or a service:

  1. Go to the Oracle Cloud Marketplace website.
  2. Use the browse, search, and filter options to find the app or service.
  3. Click its name to go to the details page.
  4. Click the RATINGS tab.

The RATINGS tab displays reviews written by Oracle Cloud Marketplace customers.

  • To share your experiences with the community, click Write a review.

  • To control which reviews are displayed and in what order, use the Filter by and Sort by options.

  • To add your opinion to an existing review, click Comment.

  • To indicate that you like and agree with a reviewer’s comments, click Like.

  • To notify Oracle Cloud Marketplace administrators that a particular review or reviewer is inappropriate, click Report Abuse and complete the report form.