Viewing Code Repository Details

View code repository details and perform various actions such as accessing files in the repository and comparing commit changes.

  1. Open the navigation menu and click Developer Services. Under DevOps, click Projects.
  2. Select a project and from the left-side menu, click Code Repositories.
  3. Select a code repository.
  4. Click the options available in the left-side menu of the repository details page to perform the following actions on the repository, as needed:
    • Files: View and access all the files and folders in your repository. Last commit and update details are also available.
    • Commit: View and access all the commits pertaining to the code repository. Details such as commit date and author are provided. You can filter the commits by author and date. Each commit is assigned a unique ID, which you can use to track the changes.
    • Compare: Compare file changes and commit changes between any two branches in your repository. Choose a source and target branch to compare.
    • Branches: View and access all the available branches in your repository.
    • Git Tags: View the various tags that point to specific points in the commits.
    • Work Requests: Monitor the status of all the operations in progress.