Creating a Distribution Channel

Create a distribution channel to distribute streamed content in Media Streams.

    1. Open the navigation menu and click Analytics & AI. Under Media Services, click Media Streams.
    2. Select the compartment to create the distribution channel in.
    3. Click Create Distribution Channel.
    4. In the Create Distribution Channel panel, enter a name to uniquely identify the channel. You can edit the name later.
      You can't use the following special characters in the name: & < > " ' / \ = ;
    5. Select the CDN for the distribution channel from the list.
      • To stream content from OCI Object Store, select OCI Edge.
      • If you're using Akamai for content streaming, select Akamai.
    6. If you selected Akamai, enter the following information:
      • Edge hostname: The host name of the CDN edge server used for building CDN URLs.
      • Edge path prefix: The path to prepend when building CDN URLs.
      • Edge auth token: Select if the token authentication must be used at the CDN edge.
      • Edge token key: The encryption key to use for edge token authentication.
      • Edge token salt: The salt to use when encrypting authentication token.
      • Authentication secret key: The shared secret key for precise key rotation.
      • Authentication secret key nonce: The Nonce identifier for originAuthSecretKey (used to determine the key for signing).
    7. (Optional) To apply tags to the distribution channel, click Show advanced options.
      Tagging is a metadata system that lets you organize and track the resources in your tenancy. If you have permissions to create a resource, you also have permissions to add free-form tags to it. To apply a defined tag, you must have permissions to use the tag namespace. For more information about using tagging with a distribution channel, see Tagging a Distribution Channel. For general information about tagging, see Resource Tags and Tagging Overview.
    8. Click Create.

      The distribution channel is created. You can view it in the Distribution Channels page.

  • To create a distribution channel, use the create command:

    oci media-services stream-distribution-channel create [OPTIONS]

    Required parameters for the create command:

    • --compartment-id, -c [text]
    • --display-name [text]

    To get all the commands for stream-distribution-channel:

    oci media-services stream-distribution-channel -h

    To get help for the create command:

    oci media-services stream-distribution-channel create -h
    For a complete list of flags and variable options for CLI commands, see the Command Line Reference.
  • To create a distribution channel, use the CreateStreamDistributionChannel operation.