Getting Started with Media Streams

Learn how to get started with Media Streams.


Before you begin using Media Streams, ensure that the following prerequisites are met:

  • You have access to an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure tenancy.
  • Each service in OCI integrates with Identity and Access Management (IAM) for authentication and authorization, for all interfaces (the Console, SDK and CLI, and REST API). Access permissions are provided to users within a particular compartment. You can create a compartment or reuse an existing one. See Managing Compartments.
  • An administrator in your organization needs to set up groups, compartments¬†, and policies¬† that control which users can access which services, and which resources, and the type of access they have. See Authentication and Authorization.
  • To store the content, create object storage buckets to store the content. We recommend that you create separate buckets in the object store for video storage. See Managing Buckets.

Setting up Access for Media Streams Resources

For details, see Authentication and Authorization.

Typical Workflow for Using Media Streams

As a Media Streams user, following are some typical tasks you perform.

Task Description
Creating a Distribution Channel Create a distribution channel using Media Streams.
Configuring the CDN Associate the distribution channel with a CDN such as OCI Edge or Akamai.
Creating a Packaging Configuration Create a packaging configuration.
Ingesting an Asset Add the content that you want to distribute in the playlists.
Generating a session token Create a session token. This step is required if you are using the CLI.
Creating a Preview URL Create a preview for your content.
Playing the asset View the generated preview URL.