Uploading CEMLI Files

Learn how to upload CEMLI files to Oracle Managed Cloud Self-Service Platform.

To upload CEMLI files:

  1. In the dashboard, click the hamburger menu ( three horizontal lines) at the top-left corner.
  2. In the navigation pane, under CEMLI, click Files.

    All the uploaded CEMLI files are displayed.

  3. To refresh the list, click the refresh icon.
  4. To view the archived files, move the Display Archive slider to the right.
  5. To search for a file, type a few letters of the search criteria in the search text box, and press Enter.

    You can search by entering a few letters of the description, CEMLI file name, product, file type, or upload details.

  6. To archive a file, click the file, and in the file details page, click Archive.
  7. To delete a file, click the file, and in the file details page, click Delete.
  8. To download a file, click the file, and in the file details page, click Download.
  9. To upload file, click Upload Files.
  10. In the Upload File(s) page, select the Product. By default, the last selected custom product appears in the Product field.
  11. To upload a zip file, move the Zip Upload slider to the right. Alternatively, the Zip file can be uploaded using the OAF zip feature. See https://aceportal-internal.oracleoutsourcing.com/CEMLI/helpDocs/ACE/Automated_CEMLI_Execution_FAQ.docx on How to use OAF Zip feature.
  12. To upload a shell zip file, see https://aceportal-internal.oracleoutsourcing.com/CEMLI/helpDocs/ACE/Automated_CEMLI_Execution_FAQ.docxon How to use Shell Zip feature.
  13. Drag-and-drop or select the files to upload.
  14. Enter a Description, select the File Type, Language, and the Version.
  15. Click Upload.
  16. To reselect another product and file to upload, click Clear All.

    Selections done are cleared, and you can now make a new selection.

  17. To view details of an existing uploaded file, click on the file name from the files list.