Using Bounce

Learn how the OCI users can work with self-service Bounce to shut down, start up, and bounce DB Tier and MidTiers and/or MidTier components (individual or combination of components).

To use bounce:

  1. In the dashboard, click the hamburger menu ( three horizontal lines) at the top-left corner.
  2. From the navigation pane, click Bounce.
  3. In the Bounce page, click Initiate Bounce.
  4. In the Initiate Bounce page, select the RFC Details.
  5. Select the Environment which needs to be bounced. This list is populated with all the environments associated with the support identifier (SI).
  6. For Operation, select any of the following:
    • Bounce
    • Stop
    • Start (This option is visible only when previous RFC operation is stopped)
  7. For Services, select any of the following:
    • All (Apps and DB) - This will Bounce/Stop/Start all MT and DB services.
    • All Apps - This will Bounce/Stop/Start all MT services.
    • Apps Components - This will allow users to select individual components like Apache, OPMN etc.

      The Bounce/Stop field is automatically filled in with data on the host and service that need to be restarted/stopped.

  8. For the Operation Stop, you must additionally select Blackout Duration. You must start the services before the Blackout duration by creating Start Services RFC.
  9. Click Customer Note to add an action plan or any other relevant information you want included in the RFC.
  10. Click Submit.

    The Schedule Execution pop up opens.

    • If you click Not Now, you will be returned to the listings in the Bounce page.
    • If you click Yes, the Bounce will be scheduled for execution in 15 minutes.
    • If you click Pick Future, you will be taken to the Details page.