Using Configurations

Learn how to use the configurations.

The Configuration page displays in each column the RFC No., scheduling details, RFC status, intermediate statuses, and customer update.

To create config RFC:

  1. In the dashboard, click the hamburger menu ( three horizontal lines) at the top-left corner.
  2. From the navigation pane, click Configurations.
  3. In the Configurations page, click Initiate Config.
  4. For Config Type, select Trace & Debug.
  5. For Activity Name, select either of the following:
    • FRD Enable/Disable
    • FND Enable/Disable
  6. For Activity Type, select Enable.
  7. Select a Target.
  8. For Summary, optionally enter a summary of this RFC.
  9. Select Auto Disable Interval to schedule the disable activity time gap.
  10. In the Activity Based Inputs section, enter the UserName.
  11. If FND Enable/Disable is selected, enter Debug Log Module, and select Debug Log Level.
  12. Select the Accept Risk check box.
  13. Click Customer Note to add an action plan or any other relevant information you want included in the RFC.
  14. Click Submit.

    The Schedule Execution popup opens.

    • If you click Not Now, you will be returned to the listings in the Configurations page.
    • If you click Yes, the RFC will be scheduled for execution in 15 minutes.
    • If you click Pick Future, you will be taken to the scheduling Details page.
  15. From the Configurations page, click the RFC from the listings.
  16. In the Details page, click the Logs to view the logs.
  17. To view the Activity Name Parameter, click the Information icon in the Activity Name text box.