Partner Portal is an application that lets you create, submit, and manage the app and service listings that you publish to Oracle Cloud Marketplace.

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Whether you’re an independent software vendor or integrator, Oracle Cloud Marketplace gives you a platform to showcase your apps that complement existing Oracle Cloud implementations and market your services, such as consulting and training. Oracle customers can visit the marketplace—a one-stop online store—to find the business apps and professional services that you offer.

In summary, Partner Portal lets you:

  • Deliver and market your apps or services to Oracle Cloud Marketplace users

  • Create, manage, and publish your marketplace listings

  • Manage sales leads

  • View reports on usage data and sales lead

  • Edit and maintain your company profile

  • Grant other team members access to the Partner Portal application so they can create listings, manage sales leads, and view reports

Types of Apps and Services Published on the Marketplace

Oracle approved providers can publish apps and services that integrate or extend Oracle Cloud products. Providers build their products based on Oracle Cloud technology or offer professional services for Oracle Cloud.

Oracle Cloud Products Supported on the Marketplace

Oracle Cloud Marketplace supports products across the Oracle Cloud Software as a Service (Oracle Cloud SaaS), Oracle Cloud Platform as a Service (Oracle Cloud PaaS), and Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as a Service (Oracle Cloud IaaS) solutions.

For the most up-to-date list, visit the Oracle Cloud Marketplace website:


Point to the PRODUCTS option at the top of the page to view the currently supported Oracle Cloud products.


The following terms are commonly used in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Marketplace.

Term Description

App Install Package

When you create a listing for your application, you can add an app install package. An app install package includes coding instructions to install and uninstall the app. It can include an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure machine image that launches a Compute instance, or a Terraform configuration that launches a stack on Oracle Resource Manager. Providing an app install package allows customers to quickly set up the required resources and install and deploy your app.


An artifact is a generic way to represent any machine images or Terraform templates that you want to make available through your listing. Create an artifact to upload a Terraform template or point to an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure custom image. Then add an app install package to associate an artifact with your listing.


Images are templates of virtual hard drives that contain the operating system and software that an instance will run. After importing an image to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, you create an artifact to point to an image. That artifact can then be associated with a listing by adding an app install package to the listing. Using an image in your listing provides customers a more streamlined way of getting started with your application.


A listing describes your app or service to users browsing Oracle Cloud Marketplace for cloud products. It allows you to display images, links, documentation, videos, and so on, to provide information about your application or service and to market your application or service to customers. Each listing is reviewed and approved by Oracle before it can be published.


When launching Marketplace Stacks, customers are prompted to fill in a form containing the list of variables that are part of the Stack definition. In order to provide a better user experience to customers, Oracle provides a schema file that enables you to specify how these variables can be displayed and used by customers when they launch a stack.


Stacks are Terraform configuration files (templates) packaged along with an input variable schema file. Stacks are used to build the required infrastructure, including both low-level components such as compute instances, storage and networking, as well as high-level components such as DNS entries, application configuration scripts, license keys, etc. Stacks launched by customers run on Oracle Resource Manager.

Terraform Configuration

A Terraform configuration is a set of one or more


files written in HashiCorp Configuration Language (HCL), which specify the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure resources to create. Terraform configuration files including resource metadata and other important information, like data source definitions and variables declarations.