Granting Access to Other Users

Learn how to grant access to Partner Portal application for additional users to help monitor the data.

At some point, you’ll want to allow other users—other members of your team—to access the Partner Portal application. Additional users can help you monitor customer interest, update your marketplace listings, pursue the sales leads generated from the marketplace, and analyze report data.

You use the Users page to control who can access Partner Portal. You can add other users and assign them the role of partner administrator or partner member. Roles control what users can and can’t do in Partner Portal.


Before you begin, do the following:

  • You must be assigned the partner administrator role to be able to view the Users page and manage user access to Partner Portal.

  • Before you can grant a user access to Partner Portal, the user must have a valid Oracle account (email address and password). Users can register for a free account at

    You need to know the email address the user entered when getting an Oracle account. Users will enter the email address as their user name when they sign in to Partner Portal. The email address serves as the unique sign-in identification for the user.

Managing User Access

To manage user access to Partner Portal, do the following:

  1. Sign in to Partner Portal.
  2. Click My Company. Under My Company, click Users.The Users page lists the name, email, and assigned role for each user who has access to Partner Portal. The list is ordered by the most recently added or modified user account.
  3. Use the following options to manage users and their access.
    • To grant access to a new user, click Add User. Enter the name, email address, and role for this user.

      • The Partner Member role lets the user create, update, submit, and publish listings; manage leads; view reports; monitor app installations; add standard terms of use; and manage archived listings.

      • The Partner Administrator role gives the user the same privileges as the partner member role plus a few more. Partner administrators can update the company profile, manage the users who can accessPartner Portal, and assign roles to users. The My Company link and the Users link display in the navigation bar only if the user is a partner administrator.

    • To modify the name or role for an existing user, click Edit Icon Edit for the account.

      You can’t change the email address for the user. The email address is the unique sign-in identification for the user.

    • To revoke access from a user, click Delete Icon Delete for the account.