Creating a Virtual Deployment Binding

A virtual deployment binding associates the pods in an application cluster with a virtual deployment in your mesh. The virtual deployment binding resource allows Service Mesh to discover pods backing the virtual deployment for service discovery.

A virtual deployment binding automatically upgrades pods that are running an older version of the proxy software. A virtual deployment binding is required only for Kubernetes-based workloads that are local to the cluster and aren't replicated back to the Service Mesh control-plane.

  1. Open the navigation menu and click Developer Services. Under Containers & Artifacts, click Service Mesh.
  2. Click Service Meshes.
  3. On the Service Mesh page, from the list of compartments on the left side, select a compartment.
  4. From the list of meshes, click the mesh that contains the virtual services for which you want to create the virtual deployment binding.
  5. On the details page of the mesh, click the name of the virtual service that contains the virtual deployment.
  6. On the details page of the virtual service, in the Virtual Deployments table,click the virtual deployment for which you want to create Kubernetes bindings.
  7. On the details page on the virtual deployment, click Create Kubernetes bindings.
  8. In the Create Bindings for <name of the virtual deployment> dialog box, provide the following details:
    • Kube Service Name: Name of the Kubernetes service.
    • Kube Service Namespace: Name of the Kubernetes service namespace.
    • Binding Namespace: (Optional) The Kubernetes namespace for your binding.
    • Proxy Log Level: Select Error, Warn, Info, Debug, or Off.
    • Match Kube Labels: Click Add Condition Pair to add a key and value for a label passed with your binding. These labels act as selectors for the Kubernetes service.
  9. Click Generate binding code to generate the YAML binding code.
  10. To exit the panel, click Close.

To manage a virtual deployment binding using kubectl, see Managing Virtual Deployment Bindings with kubectl.