Canceling a Transcription Job

Cancel a running transcription job in Speech.

You can cancel a job only when the job is in progress or no tasks exist. When no tasks exist, the job is in an accepted state. Tasks are in an accepted state until they’re scheduled by the job scheduler, and begin chunking. At that point they’re switched to in progress and can't be canceled.

Canceled is an end state meaning that the job is done. Canceling means that the service is in the process of trying to cancel all tasks in the accepted state, but it's possible that it might not get to all the tasks before they’re switched to a state that can't be canceled.

    1. Open the navigation menu and click Analytics & AI. Under AI Services, click Speech.
    2. Under List Scope, select the compartment that you want to work in.
    3. In the left-side navigation menu, click Jobs
    4. Click the name of the job to open the job's details page.
    5. Click Cancel.
  • Use the oci speech transcription-job cancel command and required parameters to cancel a transcription job:

    oci speech transcription-job cancel --transcription-job-id [text] ... [OPTIONS]

    For a complete list of flags and variable options for CLI commands, see the CLI Command Reference.

  • Use the CancelTranscriptionJob operation to cancel the job.