Disable and Enable the Disabled Steps

You can disable and enable the disabled steps in the main and customization branches in the development and production environments. This helps you in troubleshooting issues in the branches.

You can perform these actions on the steps in the User Extensions and Security Configurations regions. You can disable and enable individual steps or select multiple steps using the Manage Steps, Enable, and Disable buttons on the branch details page. You can’t disable a published step.
  1. Sign in to your service.
  2. In Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse Console, click Semantic Model Extensions under Application Administration.
  3. On the Semantic Model Extensions page, click User Extensions.
    You see the main and existing customization branches.
  4. In the User Extensions region, click Main to view the details.
  5. On the Main branch page, hover over a step to display the options.
  6. Click Disable.
  7. In Confirm Disable Steps, click Disable.
  8. On the Main branch page, click Manage Steps, select the check box for the disabled steps, and then click Enable.
  9. In Confirm Enable Steps, click Enable.
  10. Perform these actions for steps in the customization branches.