Promote Your Customizations to the Production Environment

When you have a set of changes to the semantic model, security configurations, and customized KPIs ready for promotion, you can tag the Applied steps of the Main branch as a snapshot at a given point in time, and then promote the tags to the production environment.

While promoting customizations from the source to the target instance, Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse removes the customizations in the target instance and overwrites it with the one from the source instance. After promoting the customizations to the production environment, you can’t directly add further customizations to the semantic model in the production environment.
  1. Sign in to your service.
  2. In Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse Console, click Promote Objects under Application Administration.
  3. On the Promote Objects page, select the target environment to which you want to publish your customizations.
  4. Select the customized objects that you want to promote to the target environment.
    For example:
    • Select the Semantic Model Extensions check box. Select the applicable tag to promote the tagged steps. Select Reset All to promote the original main branch to the target environment without any tags.
    • Select the KPIs check box. Select the Promote All option to promote all the KPIs or click Choose KPIs, search for and select the customized KPIs that you want to promote, and then click OK.

      If you delete a KPI from the development instance that was previously promoted to the production instance and you later use the Promote All option to promote all the KPIs to the production instance, then you need to explicitly delete the “applicable” KPI from the production instance. For example, if you had promoted KPIs A, B, and C and later deleted KPI B in the development instance and again promoted using the Promote All option, then Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse promotes only A and C without deleting KPI B in the production instance. You must explicitly delete KPI B in the production instance.
    • Under Security Configurations, select Roles and Mappings, Object Security, and Data Security independently. Complete these actions:
      1. For Roles and Mappings, select the Promote All option or Select roles to promote option and then click Choose Roles and Mappings. In the Choose Roles and Mappings dialog, select the roles and mappings to promote to your target environment, and then click Save.
      2. For Object Security and Data security, select the Promote All option to promote all the security configurations for the applicable elements to the target environment. Select the Reset All option to remove all the security configurations done on the target system for the applicable elements.

        For data and duty security, ensure that you select the dependent elements too. If you don't select the roles or the correct repository file version, then the promotion of the data and duty security configurations may fail or the promotion process may silently ignore the missing elements.
  5. On the Promote Objects page, click Promote.
  6. Click Check Status to view the progress.