Refresh a Data Pipeline for a Functional Area

Refresh an activated data pipeline for a functional area to bring in new data for the selected functional area.

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When you refresh the data pipeline, the system executes an incremental load immediately. The next scheduled run could take additional time to complete because of any new data. If you had reset a data pipeline for the functional area before refreshing data, then the system runs a full load immediately for that functional area.


Executing an on-demand data refresh while working on the data could cause temporary inconsistencies.
  1. Sign in to your service.
  2. In Oracle Fusion Analytics Warehouse Console, click Data Configuration under Application Administration.
  3. On the Data Configuration page, click your service. For example, under Applications, click Enterprise Resource Planning.
  4. On the service page, for example, the Data Configuration: Oracle Financial Analytics page, click the Action menu for the data pipeline for the functional area whose data you want to refresh, and then click Refresh Data.

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  5. Review the warning message and then click Refresh Data.

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