Choose Your Update Window

Functional updates occur every two months. Each functional update has two update windows. Your instance's update window is determined by the instance's shape. Instances with a Development shape receive updates two weeks before instances with a Production shape.

During the two-week interval between updates, your organization can sanity check the update before it is applied to a production instance.
Your organization chose the shape of an instance at one of the following times:
  • If your organization created the instance in Oracle Integration 3, the person who created the instance chose the shape during provisioning.
  • If your organization upgraded the instance from Oracle Integration Generation 2, an administrator chose the shape while scheduling the upgrade.
You can't change the shape of an instance after the instance is created. However, you can move data to another instance using the export and import capabilities.

In Oracle Integration Generation 2, you chose your update window using tags. Oracle Integration 3 uses only an instance's shape to determine the update window.