Create an Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Compartment

Oracle Integration instances use the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure as their underlying infrastructure. To create an Oracle Integration instance, you must first create a compartment, unless you want to create the instance in the root compartment.

See Managing Compartments.

You can create a new compartment or use an existing compartment. You must have permission to create and delete compartments.

  1. Open the navigation menu and click Identity & Security. Under Identity, click Compartments.

    A list of the compartments in your tenancy is displayed.

  2. Select the compartment in which you want to create your instance or create a new compartment.

    To create a new compartment:

    1. Click Create Compartment to create the compartment to use for creating an instance.

    2. Enter the following:

      • Name: Enter a name that is unique across all compartments in your tenancy (maximum 100 characters, including letters, numbers, periods, hyphens, and underscores). For example, enter a name such as OICCompartment.

      • Description: Enter a description for this compartment.

      • Tags: Enter tags to organize and list resources based on your business needs. See Managing Tags and Tag Namespaces.

    3. Click Create Compartment.

      Return to the navigation pane.