Enable Announcements for Oracle Integration

System announcements provide timely and important information to Oracle Integration users. Your tenancy displays system announcements only after an administrator creates a policy that allows the announcements. Creating the policy is a one-time action that applies to all Oracle Integration instances in the tenancy.

How to View Announcements

  • For administrators: In the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, click Announcements Announcements icon in the top panel.

    A green dot appears on the icon when there are new announcements for either Oracle Cloud Infrastructure or Oracle Integration.

  • For users: In the top pane of Oracle Integration, click Announcements Announcements icon. An announcements window appears, listing past and ongoing announcements related to your Oracle Integration instance. See View Oracle Integration Announcements in Getting Started with Oracle Integration 3.

    Announcements appear only after an administrator sets the policy, described below. The list of announcements refresh every hour.

Learn More About Announcements

For information about console announcements, the types of information they contain, viewing options, and managing the email delivery of announcements, see Console Announcements.

Update the Recipients of Email Announcements

Oracle sends announcements to the default tenancy administrator email address on record. However, Oracle recommends changing the email address to a group address so that multiple people receive the email announcements. To change the email address, contact Oracle Support.

To Set the Oracle Integration Announcements Policy (One-Time Task):

  1. In the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure console, open the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure navigation menu and click Identity & Security. Under Identity, click Policies.
  2. From the Compartment list, select the root compartment.
    Pick a Compartment list expanded to display a hierarchy of compartments

    The announcements policy must be created at the root compartment.
  3. Click Create Policy.
  4. In the Create Policy window, enter a name (for example, AnnouncementsPolicy) and a description.
  5. Complete the policy's Statements field, entering the following statements.
    Under Policy Builder, choose Show manual editor.

    allow service integration to {ANNOUNCEMENT_LIST} in tenancy

    allow service integration to {ANNOUNCEMENT_READ} in tenancy

  6. Click Create.
    The policy statements are validated and syntax errors are displayed.
  7. Go to Oracle Integration and verify that announcements are now displaying in the announcements window.