Move an Instance to a Different Compartment

You can move an instance to a different compartment.


Moving an instance can potentially change who has access to the instance. For example, if user A has the manage or read permission for one compartment and you move the instance to another compartment, they lose access. Ensure that the user has the necessary permissions for the compartment to which to move the instance.

Moving an instance affects access within the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console Console only (view or manage permissions). Access to an Oracle Integration instance does not change.
  1. Determine where to start.
    • To work on the main Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console page for Oracle Integration:
      1. Identify the instance to move.
      2. At the far right, click Task menu, and select Move.
    • To work on the details page for an existing Oracle Integration instance:
      1. Click a specific instance name in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console. The Details page is displayed.
      2. Click Move.
  2. Select the compartment to which to move the instance, then click Move.
    The move can take several minutes to complete. When done, the instance is displayed in the new compartment.