Set Instance Quotas on Compartments

You can set quotas on the number of Oracle Integration 3 instances that can be created in a compartment.

Compartment quotas control resource consumption within compartments in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. See Overview of Compartment Quotas.

  1. In the banner, navigate to your home region.
    The drop-down menu in the banner shows the Regions section. The Home Region of US West (Phoenix) is displayed.

    If you attempt to create a compartment quota in a region that is not your home, you receive the following error:
    Please go to your home region to execute Quota operations.
  2. Open the navigation menu and click Governance & Administration.
  3. Under Governance, click Quota Policies.
  4. On the Quota Policies page, click Create Quota.
  5. Enter a name and description.
  6. Enter a quota policy string in the Quota Policy field. As an example, to set a quota limit of 10 instances for the compartment named MyCompartment, enter the following statement:
    Set integration quota instance-count to 10 in compartment MyCompartment
    • integration: Is the family name for Oracle Integration.
    • instance-count: Is the quota name.
  7. Click Create Quota Policy.

    The policy statement is validated and the details page for the new quota policy is displayed.

    If validation is unsuccessful, syntax errors are displayed for you to correct.