Updating Authorization Credentials for a Source

When authorization for a source fails, the status of the source displays as Inactive. If Classic Migration Service cannot connect to the source environment using the authorization credentials you provide, then verify that the information you provided is correct. If there are any changes in a source environment (such as changed user credentials), then you must update the source to provide the latest credentials.

    1. Open the navigation menu on the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console, click OCI Classic Services, and then click Sources in the Classic Migration section to display the Sources in compartment page and a list of sources in the compartment.
    2. Click the name of the failed source to display its details page.
    3. On the source details page, click Authorize. This option is enabled only if authentication has failed for the selected source.
    4. Update the user credentials for the selected source, and then click Authorize.

    The source is updated creating an update source work request. Classic Migration Service attempts to connect to the source environment using the updated credentials. The status of the migration source changes from Inactive to Updating. If the service is unable to connect to the source environment, then the status changes back to Inactive. If the connection is successful, then the status changes to Active and the service fetches the list of applications in the source environment that can be migrated.

    To track the progress of the operation, you can monitor the associated work request. For more information, see Viewing the State of a Work Request.

    If the source is in the Active state, then view the list of applications in this source environment and identify an application that you want to migrate to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. See Viewing a List of Applications.
  • Use the update command and required parameters to update the authorization credentials for a source:

    oci application-migration source update [OPTIONS]

    For a complete list of flags and variable options for CLI commands, see the CLI Command Reference.

  • Run the UpdateSource operation to update the authorization credentials for a source.