Work Requests in Classic Migration Service

This topic describes work requests associated with managing sources and migrations.


The Classic Migration Service does not use the common Work Requests API to support work request operations. Instead, Classic Migration Service work requests are supported by the application migration API. See Using the Console to View Work Requests for information on viewing work requests for other services.

Many of the Classic Migration Service requests do not take effect immediately. In these cases, the request spawns an asynchronous workflow for fulfillment. To provide visibility for in-progress workflows, the Classic Migration Service creates a work request object. Because some operations depend on the completion of other operations, you must monitor each operation’s work request and confirm it has succeeded before proceeding to the next operation. For example, if you want to configure a migration, you first must create a migration. After the operation to create a migration completes, you can configure the migration. You can monitor the work request to create a migration to determine when that workflow is complete, and then configure the migration.