Known Issues for Data Catalog

These known issues have been identified in Data Catalog.

Some rich text formatting is lost while exporting or importing a glossary

When you export or import a glossary, some rich text formatting applied to the description fields are lost.
We're working on a resolution.

Incremental harvest of Autonomous Database data assets

When using the incremental harvest option for harvesting Autonomous Database data assets, Data Catalog doesn’t identify the changes to the comments column in the Oracle Database.
Harvest the data asset again without selecting the incremental harvest option so that the latest state of the data asset reflects in Data Catalog.

Unable to associate 'Unrecognized file' and 'File' types to the same custom property

Details: If a custom property is already associated with an Unrecognized file type, you are not allowed to associate a custom property with a File type, and vice versa.

Workaround: Do one of the following:
  • Use separate custom properties for each of the types.
  • Associate the custom property with all data entities.

During glossary export the Owner (Name) field is empty if the owner is a federated user

Details: While exporting a glossary, if the owner of a term or a category is a federated user, the Owner (Name) field value does not get exported into the Microsoft Excel file.

Workaround: We're working on a resolution.