Associate a Disaster Recovery Protection Group

Learn how to associate a Disaster Recovery (DR) Protection Group with a peer.


To associate a DR Protection Group with a peer, the former must have a role of Not configured. If a DR Protection Group is already associated with a peer, then you must first disassociate it from that peer before you can associate it with another peer.
  1. Open the navigation menu, click Migration & Disaster Recovery.
  2. Click Disaster Recovery or DR protection group to navigate to the home page.
  3. Change the compartment to the one that contains the DR Protection Group to be associated.

    The DR Protection Groups in the compartment that you selected are listed.

  4. Click the DR protection group that you want to associate to navigate to the page for that DR Protection Group.
  5. Click Associate.
  6. Select a Role for the DR Protection Group.
  7. Select a Peer region in which the peer DR Protection Group resides.
  8. Select the Peer DR protection group.
  9. Click Associate to associate the DR Protection Group with the selected peer.