Edit Member Properties for a Disaster Recovery Protection Group

Learn how to edit properties of members already added to a Disaster Recovery (DR) protection group.


Unlike adding members to a DR protection group or deleting members from a DR protection group, editing the properties of an existing member does not delete DR plans created for that DR protection group.
  1. Open the navigation menu, click Migration & Disaster Recovery.
  2. Click Disaster Recovery Service or DR Protection Groups to navigate to the home page.
  3. Change the compartment to the one which contains the DR Protection Group to which you want to add members.
  4. Full Stack DR lists the DR Protection Groups in the compartment that you selected.
  5. Click the DR Protection Group for which you want to delete members and navigate to the page for that DR Protection Group.
  6. Click the Members link in the Resources panel to navigate to the Members page for the DR Protection Group
  7. Click the 3-dot Action menu for the member whose properties you want to edit
  8. Edit the member properties and click Save Changes to save the edited properties