The image shows four aspects of the Multitenant's Comprehensive Isolation Architecture. In the upper left, features of the Access Control Mechanism are shown: 1. Pluggable databases (PDBs) appear in the top layer, 2. Lockdown Profiles are included in the PDBs, and DB Nest is included in the Container Database (CDB).

In the upper right, a diagram labeled Prevent Unauthorized Admin Access show a set of PDBs plugged into a CDB the text Database Vault enforces separation between duties between infrastructure DBAs and Application DBAs has a pointer to the PDBs

In the lower left, a diagram shows a 3 sets of encrypted files, and below an encrypted file on disk. The text pointing to the diagram is Transparent Data Encryption protects data "at rest" in storage.

The diagram at the lower right is labeled Resoure Isolation, has three graphic icons: 1. a lady with "dollar signs" labeled Get what you pay for, 2. a man with ear phones to muffle sound next to several figures with talk bubbles labeled Avoid "noisy neighbors", and 3. A hacker icon with a red barred circle, "not allowed" symbol over it. With the text Defend from denial of service attacks.