• Image Family: Oracle Linux 6.x
  • Operating System: Oracle Linux
  • Release Date: Dec. 18, 2017

Release Notes:

Access Policies

The security configuration for this image includes the following account access and password requirements:

  • Prevents log in with an empty password.
  • The maximum password age is 90 days.
  • The account expires after of 90 days of inactivity.
  • Accounts are locked out for 30 minutes after five unsuccessful log in attempts.
  • New passwords cannot be the same as the previous four passwords.
  • Passwords must be at least eight characters, and contain at least one of each of the following:
    • lowercase character.
    • uppercase character.
    • special character.
  • Passwords must not be the same as the user name or user ID.
  • Passwords must not be dictionary words.
  • Passwords must not be commonly used patterns or combinations such as "welcome1", "guest2", "oracle1", "password5", "12345678", "qwerty".


Image OCIDs

Region OCID
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