• Image Family: Oracle Linux 6.x
  • Operating System: Oracle Linux
  • Kernel Version: 4.1.12-124.22.2.el6uek.x86_64
  • Release Date: Nov. 20, 2018

Release Notes:

  • November kernel monthly errata.
  • Includes Oracle Cloud Agent to enable future feature releases.
  • Includes a fix for iSCSI error messages flooding serial console when the boot volume is launched in paravirtualized mode.
  • UEKR4 kernel update to v4.1.12-124.22.2.

For details on additional packages added or changed, see the changelog located at

Image OCIDs

Region OCID
us-ashburn-1 ocid1.image.oc1.iad.aaaaaaaa63dxj6hspkwqz37tajxkrpdb4xr7cdpy6dyspcufqg32m65pj4sq
us-phoenix-1 ocid1.image.oc1.phx.aaaaaaaam3by3s66kom6tl7fvtca2mlgrutgrej45hjq6xjpjxp7kah6myfa