Java Runtime Metrics

Java Runtime Metrics provide you with a view of a Java Runtime during a specified time period, by default the previous week.

The section displaying Java Runtime metrics presents three charts:
  • Java Runtime Installations: This sections shows important Java Runtime Security information.
  • Applications
  • Managed Instances
In these charts, you can view statistics during the specified time period. From a chart, you can select the interval (for example, five minutes) as described in Metrics Feature Overview. The Options menu provides you with following actions:
  • View Query in the Metrics Explorer
  • Copy Chart URL
  • Copy Query (MQL)
  • Create an Alarm on this Query
  • Table View
For more information describing the Monitoring Query Language (MQL) and the actions available from the Options menu, see Monitoring Query Language (MQL) Reference and Viewing Default Metric Charts, respectively.

The charts may appear inaccurate if you've recently created a fleet or installed new agents. Change the interval setting from its default (auto) to 1 hour.

To see alarm use cases for JMS Fleets, refer to Alarms and Notifications Use Cases.