Enable Real-time Data Protection for Protected Databases

Recovery Service offers the ability to use Real-time data protection, a premium capability to help minimize the possibility of data loss and enhance protection for your Oracle Cloud databases.

Use this procedure to enable Real-time data protection (extra-cost option) for a protected database.

Recovery Service supports Real-time data protection for Oracle Cloud databases provisioned with these Oracle Database versions:
  • Oracle Database 19c Release 18 (19.18) or later
  • Oracle Database 21c Release 8 (21.8) or later
Required IAM Policy
  1. Log in to your OCI tenancy.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Oracle Database, and select Database Backups to display the Database Backups page.
  3. Use the List Scope option to choose a compartment containing the required protected database.
  4. In the Protected databases list, click the Action menu, and select View details.
  5. Perform one of these steps in the Protected database details page:
    • The page displays an alert message with instructions to enable real-time data protection. Click View Source Database in the alert message.
    • In the Protected database section, click the name of the database in the Database details field.
    The source database details page is displayed.
  6. Click Configure automatic backups.
  7. Select Real-time data protection.
  8. Click Save changes.