Moving a Protected Database to a Different Compartment

Use this procedure to relocate a protected database to a different compartment.

Before you move a protected database to a different compartment, ensure that the associated resources, which includes the database, Recovery Service subnet, and protection policy can access the protected database in the new compartment.
Required IAM Policy
  1. Log in to your OCI tenancy.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Oracle Database, and select Database Backups to display the Database Backups page.
  3. Use the List scope option to choose a compartment containing the protected database you want to relocate. Perform one of these actions:
    • In the Protected databases list, click the Action menu, and select Move resource.
    • Click the name of the required resource. In the Protected database details page, click Move resource.
  4. Choose a new destination compartment, and click Move resource.