Downloading Protected Database Network Connection Details

Use this procedure to download the network configuration details for a protected database.

Required IAM Policy
  1. Log in to your OCI tenancy.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Oracle Database, and select Database Backups to display the Database Backups page.
  3. Use the List scope option to choose a compartment containing the protected database you want to view.
    • In the Protected databases list, click the Action menu, and select View details.
    • Alternatively, click the name of the required protected database.
    The Protected database details page is displayed.
  4. Click Download configuration to save the configuration zip file.
    By default, the file name is You can rename the zip file with a name of your choice.

Oracle recommends that you protect the downloaded configuration files to prevent unauthorized access to the protected database.

  1. Unzip to extract the following files:
    • dbrsnames.ora - This file includes connect descriptors or network identification information required for the protected database client to connect with Recovery Service.
    • certChainPem - This file stores the trusted certificate (CA Bundle) specific to your region and tenancy.
    • cabundle.txt
    • hosts.txt