Applying Tags to a Protected Database

You can apply tags to organize and group protected databases based on their specific purpose.

You must have the following permissions to apply tags to a protected database:
  1. Log in to your OCI tenancy.
  2. In the navigation menu, click Oracle Database, and select Database Backups to display the Database Backups page.
  3. Use the List scope option to choose a compartment containing the protected database to which you want to apply tags.
  4. In the Protected databases list, click the Action menu for the required resource, and select Add tags.
    Alternatively, click the name of the required protected database. In the Protected database details page, click Add tags.
    The Add tags dialog box is displayed.
  5. In the Tag namespace field, consider adding a tag namespace (an identifying text string applied to a set of compartments), or tagging the protection policy with an existing tag namespace.
  6. Click Add tags.

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