IAM now includes identity domains

  • Services: IAM
  • Release Date: Nov. 9, 2021

The IAM service now supports identity domains for new tenancies. Identity domains are used to manage users and groups, integration standards, external identities, and secure application integration through Oracle Single Sign-on (SSO) configuration. With the addition of identity domains, there are changes to the Console, the APIs, and the documentation.

You now manage users and groups from within the context of an identity domain. When you sign in to the Console, you must specify the identity domain to sign in to.

The IAM API (version 20160918) now includes control plane support for identity domains. The service also introduces a new API called the IAM Identity Domains API (version 21.4.38) to perform control plane and data plane operations across identity domains and the resources in them.

Documentation now exists for tenancies that support identity domains. Documentation for tenancies that do not yet support identity domains still exists, but is no longer visible in the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Documentation table of contents. A banner at the top of a given IAM topic tells you what documentation you're currently viewing. The banner links to information that helps you access the right documentation. If you need to access IAM documentation for tenancies that do not support identity domains, you must do so by using direct links.

For more information, see the IAM documentation.