New Release for Data Integration

A new release for Data Integration is available.

You can now:

  • Copy a project and its design artifacts within a workspace or from one workspace to another.
  • Create an application from a pre-built template.
  • Enable public logging in Data Integration and use OCI Logging to access log data.
  • Save a copy of the integration task from the published task that is associated with a data flow.
  • Use higher-order (transform) functions with data flow operators that support expressions and hierarchical data types.

Bug fixes include:

  • Fixed the extraction issue with the JSON output from a REST task in a pipeline.
  • Resolved the task run failure when a source table has column names with special characters.
  • Fixed an issue with the parameterized request body in a REST task being corrupted when you open a pipeline.
  • Resolved the downstream SQL task run failure in a pipeline when the incoming parameter value is the JSON output SYS.RESPONSE_PAYLOAD_JSON or SYS.RESPONSE_HEADERS_JSON.

For details, see Data Integration.