Exadata Cloud@Customer: Shared Database Homes

  • Services: Database
  • Release Date: March 31, 2020

Use a single Oracle Home for multiple databases. Besides saving space, sharing an Oracle Database Home with multiple databases provides the following benefits:

  • One-off patches needed for multiple databases only need to be applied to fewer Oracle Homes, reducing patching overhead and administration.
  • Space savings, for example, by having only a single Oracle Home per Oracle software version (though multiple are possible).
  • Oracle Database patching through moving databases between homes instead of patching the DB Home.
  • Fallback to move a database to a lower DB Home version without having to rollback a patch.
  • The software installation of new Homes and new versions is not interrupting the operation of the database.
  • The patching time of a database is reduced by not having to additionally lay down Oracle binaries.

Use the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Console, API, or CLI to create and manage shared Oracle Database Homes for your databases on an Oracle Exadata Cloud@Customer.

For information and instructions, see Creating Oracle Database Homes on an Exadata Cloud@Customer System.