OCI introduces Network Path Analyzer for your virtual network configuration troubleshooting

  • Services: Networking
  • Release Date: June 28, 2022

Network Path Analyzer (NPA) provides a unified and intuitive capability you can use to identify virtual network configuration issues that impact connectivity. NPA collects and analyzes the network configuration to determine how the paths between the source and the destination function or fail. No actual traffic is sent, only the configuration is examined and used to confirm reachability.

NPA carefully examines routing and security configurations and identifies the potential network path your defined traffic traverses, along with information about virtual networking entities in the path. In addition to the path information, output of these checks includes how routing rules and network access lists (security lists, NSGs, and so on) allow or deny traffic. The sources and destinations could be within OCI, or across OCI and on-premises, or OCI and internet. NPA analyzes all the standard OCI networking elements with their associated configuration.

For more details, see the user documentation.