New Release for Data Integration

A new release for Data Integration is now available!

You can now:

  • Create pipelines for managing and orchestrating a set of tasks from start to finish.
  • Schedule the execution of tasks.
  • Use the split operator in a data flow to divide an input source into two or more outputs based on a sequence of conditions.
  • Use the lookup operator in a data flow to query a source based on a condition and a value in a primary source, and then transform the primary source.
  • Add and use parameters in the expression editor while creating expressions for the following operators: filter, join, expression, aggregate, split, and lookup.
  • Apply the change data type transformation to convert the data type of a single attribute or a group of attributes.
  • Connect to Amazon S3 as a data source.
  • Test the default connection to a data asset directly from the main Data Assets page.
  • Test a regular expression search pattern before using the expression to match one or more data entities in Oracle Object Storage.
  • Let Data Integration automatically retrieve the client credentials file for you when creating a data asset for Autonomous Data Warehouse or Autonomous Transaction Processing.
  • Use the data flow name as the default name for an integration task.

For details, see Data Integration.