Move tag namespaces to a different compartment

  • Services: Governance, IAM
  • Release Date: March 12, 2019
  • API Versions Affected: 20160918

You can now move a tag namespace from the compartment it is in to a different compartment. The tag namespace can be active or retired when you move it. When you move the tag namespace, all its tag key definitions are moved along with it.

This functionality is useful if you need to delete a compartment that contains a retired tag namespace. Remember that you can't delete a compartment that still contains resources. A retired tag namespace, even though it is retired, is still an existing resource. Moving the retired tag namespace to a different compartment can enable you to delete its original containing compartment.

To move a tag namespace, you must be allowed to manage tag-namespaces in both the current compartment and the target compartment.

To accomplish this through the API, use the new operation ChangeTagNamespaceCompartment.

For more information, see Moving Tag Namespaces to a Different Compartment.